Space Heater Safety Tips

Whenever winter comes along, there’s nothing more important than a working space heater. But sometimes, space heaters can be a safety hazard when not taken care of properly. Hazards such as fire, faulty electrical wiring, and even ventilation problems can all be caused by space heaters. This is why it is so important to manage your home’s space heater properly. Here are a few safety tips you should consider whenever setting up your home’s space heater. 

Keep Your Space Heater Away From Water 

This may seem like an obvious tip, but you would be surprised by the number of people who choose to ignore it. Electricity and water can result in a fire or a power outage. Professionals recommend avoiding putting your space heater in the kitchen or the bathrooms to minimize the chance of water affecting the space heater. 

Place Your Space Heater On The Floor 

We all have the urge to place our space heater somewhere, so it is blowing right on our faces. This usually results in placing your space heater above the floor. Don’t do this. Seating your space heater in an area above the ground, such as a stool or a shelf, can result in your space heater overheating or possibly tipping over, which would start a fire. We recommend placing your space heater on the smoothest surface available in your home. But there’s no need to worry about not warming up with your space heater restricted to the floor. Some popular space heaters allow you to tilt the heating vent upward. 

Never Leave Your Space Heater On And Alone 

In order to save money on their electric bill, most homeowners tend to turn the lights off whenever they leave their house. While this is financially beneficial, it could also possibly save your life one day. Leaving your space heater on for too long can possibly lead to a fire or your space heater overheating. It’s also important to keep your space heater away from any small children or animals as they could accidentally knock it over. Most professionals actually recommend unplugging the space heater altogether. 

Plug Your Space Heater Into The Wall

Most homeowners tend to plug their space heaters into extension cords in order to keep the heat close. While this can be convenient, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Most space heaters have a cable long enough to position them in a convenient and safe place within your home. But even if the space heater doesn’t reach as long as you would like, it is not a good idea to add an extension cord to the picture. Extra electrical wiring can increase the chance of your space heater overheating or blowing an electrical outlet. If your space heater overheats, there is a good chance that it could catch fire and result in a fire hazard. It is also recommended that you should keep your space heater a few feet from the wall. This minimizes the chance of your space heater catching fire and the fire spreading to the wall.