Most Common HVAC Problems

No matter what anyone says, heating and cooling air conditioning is the most important part of a home. It’s the first thing we notice when we walk through the door. We’re repulsed and sweating when it’s too hot but shivering when we’re too cold. So it should come as no surprise that making sure your air conditioning unit is working is pretty important. While some HVAC problems are minor and only need simple repairs and cleaning, others can be a bit more extensive and difficult to deal with. 

It is usually recommended to have your system and unit checked out pretty regularly, especially after storms and power outages. There is a variety of problems that most HVAC units face over the course of their lifetime. From lack of maintenance to other outside forces such as mechanical wear and tear and dirty filters, anything can damage your system and leave you either sweating to the point of melting or freezing to the point of turning into an ice cube. Here are the most common problems most HVAC units face. 

Blown Fuses Or Tripped Breakers 

The most common problems most HVAC units face, blown fuses and tripped breakers, usually occur whenever the blower is overworking itself. Whenever your unit’s air filter is dirty, the blower takes it on itself to overcompensate and thus overwork itself until a fuse is blown or a breaker is tripped. There are other issues that can cause blown fuses or tripped breakers, such as duct leaks, closed or blocked-off air registers, and even dirty coils. Blown fuses and tripped breakers are usually easy fixes, and it is recommended that you seek out a professional in order to fix your unit’s fuses and breakers. 

Lack Of Maintenance 

Most HVAC units end up damaged or downright destroyed by their own owners. Not checking up on your HVAC unit is the number one cause of ensuring that it breaks or damage over the course of its duration. It is highly stressed that regular maintenance and check-ups by a professional are used for your HVAC unit. Many common HVAC unit problems can be avoided with the proper care and timing. Most homeowners spend thousands of dollars on simple fixes that would have cost them a fraction of the price had they just taken the time to check on their unit in the first place. When it comes to ensuring that your HVAC unit is up to standard and working fine, make sure that you are checking it regularly. 

Dirty Filters

This goes hand-in-hand with regular maintenance. Over time, HVAC filters will begin to collect dust and other dirt particles, thus blocking most of their openings. This, in turn, makes it next to impossible for your unit’s filter to do its job. Checking and maintaining your unit’s filter regularly is an excellent way of preventing your unit from collapsing and damaging. This, in the end, will save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.